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Smart LED Lights™

Smart LED Lights™

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Enhance your home theater experience to new heights with our Immersive TV Back LED Lights. Designed to take your entertainment setup to the next level, these lights offer unparalleled convenience and stunning visual effects.

Energizing Multi-Color RGBIC Effects

Our LED lights feature embedded independent control (IC) chips, allowing for precise control of multiple colors simultaneously. Transform the walls behind your TV with mesmerizing, dynamic color displays that enhance the ambiance of any viewing experience.

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Combined Video & Audio Syncing

Immerse yourself in your favorite movies or video games like never before. Our smart TV lighting system syncs seamlessly with both the visuals onscreen and the sounds emanating from your speakers, creating a truly immersive environment that transcends traditional viewing.

Smart Voice and App Control

Take control of your lighting experience with ease. Our LED lights are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling hands-free voice control of colors, modes, and effects. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of the Tuya App, which offers advanced smart features such as DIY color customization, light scheduling, and music modes.

Experience the future of home entertainment with our Immersive TV Back LED Lights. Whether you're hosting a movie night with friends or diving into an intense gaming session, our lights will elevate your viewing experience to new heights of immersion and excitement.


  • Energy Consumption: 15W
  • Applicable Screen: 55-65 inches
  • Smart Device Compatibility: Yes
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